Tentative Events:

1. Axel Clean and Press for Reps
– clean once and press for reps
– only chalk allowed for grip aid
– any type of clean allowed

2. Yoke Cradle and Tire Flip
a) carry yoke in arms (Zercher Style) 75 feet
b) flip tire back 75 feet
– only chalk allowed for grip aid

3. 18″ Deadlift and Yoke Squat for Total
– events will be run one at a time, and the total weight of the two
events will be used for determining placings
– only chalk allowed for grip aid
– no supportive gear (powerlifting equipment) allowed

4. Medley
a) Load sled with 1st implement, drag 25 feet
b) Load sled with 2nd implement, drag 25 feet
c) Load sled with 3rd implement, drag 25 feet to platforms
d) Load implements from sled onto platforms
– only chalk allowed for grip aid
– the implements will be either kegs or atlas stones

We are going to determine the weights based on average weights used  in past competitions, and thorough testing for practicality. As the contest  approaches we will publish specifications on all the equipment along with  pictures.

In addition we will have training days every weekend so that competitors  will know what to expect come competition day. It is not too early to start training. If you are a well rounded athlete and in shape, you will do good at any contest, no matter the events.